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Democratizing ownership of farming land is our raison d'être. It’s what motivated us to establish Plantrix, an agriculture fund. Plantrix offers you and every other individual a chance to own a piece of our high-performing farms. For all the ways you want to earn, here’s one simple way - we do the heavy lifting of actual farming, you reap the dividends of our harvests, each year. Join us on this exciting journey and experience the joy of ownership firsthand!

Henry Shterenberg, our CEO

Henry is an experienced international investment banker and US citizen with over 25 years of experience in various industries. He currently works as a Senior Partner for International Affairs in Europe at Briggs Capital, an M&A advisory firm based in Massachusetts. In this role, he has led efforts to establish a platform for high-quality deal flow from Eastern Europe in various industries and attracted multinational corporations and institutional global capital to the region. He has also developed a network of business and political leaders across Ukraine. Additionally, he is a professor of International Trade & Affairs at Wisconsin International University and has been the President of the World Trade Centre in Kyiv for the past three terms and continues to hold the position.

Michael Chang, our Global Turnkey Operator

Michael lives by this mantra - Success in life is not defined by any specific role or milestone, but by remaining humble and continuously learning.

Michael is the founder of Big Wheel Seedbank which helps create an ecosystem for start-ups where they can strive for success and sustainability through his guidance, funding and the communities’ connections. He has worked in various roles related to corporate strategy and business development. He has experience in identifying market demand, promoting businesses to suitable partners and obtaining funding from investors. Michael has also organized events, including the Create@Alibaba Cloud Startup Contest. He has worked for companies such as Big Farm Timber Tree, Eco Community Sdn Bhd, ProSales, and Lifelong Meditech Private Limited, among others.

Hitesh Mahajan, our Advisor on Farming

Hitesh's agriculture experience is truly valuable to us. With a family background spanning over 55 years in the field of agriculture, he has inherited a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Hitesh and his family have also successfully retailed agricultural products across an impressive 40 countries.

He has recently embarked on a partnership with FAO to cultivate a community of 2,500 small farmers for the production of pinto and red kidney beans, as well as pigeon peas. His contribution to the agricultural sector is invaluable, and we are thrilled to follow the path that he has paved for us.

Reema Ganguly

Reema Ganguly

Head of Marketing & Communications

Reema looks after marketing and communications for Plantrix. She is instrumental in developing marketing strategies for the company and coordinates marketing campaigns with sales activities. Reema has over 30 years of local and international experience across brand building, marketing communications, advertising and public relations. She has driven numerous campaigns and managed global communications in the corporate and development sectors. She is passionate about cricket and tennis, is a movie buff and grooves to blues.

Yield farming NFT

Farhain J Rahim

Head of Marketing & Communications

Our go-to person for any problem is always Farhain. Her ‘let’s do it’ attitude is reassuring as well as contagious. When you reach out to her, you know that things will get done. With a wicked sense of humour combined with great work ethics, Farhain makes for a charming team mate and not surprisingly, she handles both operations and administration work with aplomb. You can’t really complain if someone has over a decade of work experience, can you?

Joe Alcantara

Business Strategy Manager

Owning a With over 15 years experience in network building and strategic business development, Joe brings his heart and mind to Plantrix. Beyond conventional business wisdom, Joe leverages data and analytics to help us make intelligent decisions in as dynamic a manner as possible. His sound understanding of the crypto space has ensured that Plantrix continues to grow as a robust agritech business.

James Lercana, Alyssa Federio and Zeus Gunsay

The three musketeers' strength lies in their ability to seamlessly blend visual aesthetics and engaging storytelling. Together, they create compelling narratives and visually stunning designs that capture your attention and keep you engaged. The multimedia designers bring their technical skills in graphic design, video production, and animation, while the creative writers provide the ability to craft engaging content. It's a treat to join their brainstorming sessions which foster creativity, resulting in innovative and unique ideas.

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